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I wrote a book review after ages, but then this was a special kind of book. The review is just out in Biblio , and will be up soon at .   THE BOOK OF DOG is edited by Hemali Sodhi is a beautiful hardback of 311 pages and is priced Rs 699. It is published by HarperCollins India. ___  “Dogs read the world through their noses and write their history in urine”, wrote J. R. Ackerley, and in The Book of Dog , Simba, Rufus, Laika, Pali, Buggy, Siddhi, and dozens of others gambol en pack , reading the world, writing their histories, leaving a trail of pawmarks in your mind. It is as if, all of a sudden, the room is joyously crowded with a wagging, panting, licking, drooling, nipping bunch. As they flop down in various corners having tousled the cushions, raided the bin, showered everything with fur, and spread anarchy, their people beam adoringly. And then start telling stories of their lives together, in which it is clear that the dog, by virtue of being dog, has ensl
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Inhabiting the world: Ranikhet, Abu Dhabi and London/ Paris Book Fair, 22 April 2022

  It feels like emerging from a hibernation. An actual book event after three years! I will be signing books that evening from 6 to 7 at the Actes Sud stall and am so looking forward to seeing old friends and making new friends after these long years away.   22 April 2022 at 17:00 Grand Palais Éphémère, Café Habiter Inhabiting the world: Ranikhet, Abu Dhabi and London

Daughter of India

  Thanks to my wonderful publishers in Romanian, Humanitas, most of my books are read there in translation. Recently, Romanian philosopher Mihaela Gligor, who is the director of the Cluj Centre for Indian Studies in Transylvania, wrote to say: "I edited a volume of essays dedicated to some remarkable Indian women, called "Daughters of India". It just appeared... One chapter is about you and your novels..."  The author of this chapter, Anda-Irina Sturza, has written a detailed analysis of my books, having read some of them in Romanian and some in English.   This unusual book features essays on the life and work of an eclectic group of women, including mystics, dancers, artists. Amrita Pritam, Maitreyi Devi, Kamala Das, Anita Desai, Kiran Desai, Chitrita Devi are the other writers included here. 

In Conversation with Ameena Hussein at the Jaipur Literature Festival, March 8th, 2022

  I have the huge privilege of being in conversation about the Earthspinner with the brilliant Sri Lankan writer and publisher Ameena Hussein at the Jaipur Literature Festival . The session is on 8th March, at 1230 pm IST, at the Mughal Tent, available online. It's fabulous to be talking to each other again about a new book. We were in conversation in 2016 too, in Galle, Sri Lanka, where we met. I found her one of the most interesting and lively conversationalists about literature I've encountered. I loved Ameena's own new book, IBN BATTUTA IN SRI LANKA.    It is an effortless intertwining of history, family memoir, travelogue. The spread of Islam in the second century meant hospitable networks worldwide, enabling Ibn Battuta to travel far and wide, including to SL. With a blend of very engaging detective work, map reading and travel, Ameena reconstructs Ibn Battuta’s journeys in her country. Tongue-in-cheek vignettes place modern day Sri Lanka against the past: where plac


Can books have something telepathic between them? It certainly felt that way to hold Ramu Velar's book in my hands and to read it in one greedy sitting last night. How miraculous it should be published in the same week as my new novel, The Earthspinner . As I turned the pages of A Potter's Tale it felt many times as though the potter in my book, Elango, had sprung from Ramu Velar.   Ramu Velar describes the way he excavates clay from a pond, how "my grandfather was a potter and so was my father".  Exactly like the potter in my book, Elango.  A few pages later, Ramu Velar tells us how as a child, "each of us would bring a handful of grain from home, pluck drumstick leaves from a nearby tree, throw everything together into a pot and cook until we had a mess of rice and leaves..."  Here is Elango, describing the moringa (drumstick) tree in his courtyard:  "Elango came back from the pond that afternoon and settle down to smoke and draw, leaning against the


Christopher Maclehose and I talked together to Georgina Godwin about the brand new Mountain Leopard Press and the Earthspinner , his brilliant career spanning Murakami, Umberto and Steig Larsson, how Rukun Advani helped him choose the name for his press, how he discovered my first book in 2007 and went on to publish all the books I've written. The "impossibly glamorous" Christopher (as Georgina describes him) is wonderful to listen to, and while dogs feature a great deal in this conversation, so does a motorbike. And the singer Marianne Faithfull. You can listen to the interview here.  


The Earthspinner will be published in India on 3 September and in the UK on 9 September.