As the Words Well Up: Nathacha Appanah's Fiction is Deeply Relevant to Indians
Telegraph, 30th July 2018

The India I Grew Up in Has Gone. These Rapes Show a Damaged, Divided Nation
Guardian, 17th April 2018

No More Calmly Sailing By
Wire, 13th April 2018

A Blue to Dream of: The Invention of Colours
Telegraph, 23rd May 2018

Turning Seasons
Telegraph, 4th April 2018

Ten Years of An Atlas of Impossible Longing: What the Writer and Publisher Remember
Scroll, 5th March 2018

A Shop of One's Own
Live Mint, January 22nd, 2018

What Happened One Morning in Ranikhet
Guardian, 3rd July 2017

Under the Flyover: Is Affinity with Animals Instinctive or Learned?
Telegraph, September 8th, 2015

India's Fatal Rape Was Typical in a Country That Degrades Women.
Daily Beast, January 2013

In the Valley of the Dog
India Today, January 2013

A Matter of Belonging
Open Magazine, 17th August, 2013

Under the Mask: It is a mistake to associate aggression only with loutish mobs
Telegraph, 17th October, 2011

Bohemian Brilliance
National Geographic Traveller. July 2013

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