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Profile by Claire Armitstead in the Guardian

‘Inequality in India has never been more catastrophic' by  Claire Armitstead Her latest novel features artists, radicals and political upheaval drawn from real life. The writer talks about social change, authenticity and the Himalayas A nuradha Roy is a fearless media commentator who views her country’s political situation with dismay. “Who among us does not have friends – men and women thought to be moral and humane – that have closed their eyes to the brutal amorality of the ruling regime, seeing it instead as the political road to India’s salvation?” she wrote on the Wire, an Indian news website earlier this year, in response to a high-level campaign to absolve eight men of the rape and murder of an eight-year-old Muslim girl. Of the current political situation in India she tells me: “Inequality here has never been more catastrophic, but I think the very people the rightwing are trying to crush into nothingness are the unstoppable forces now –