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Both An Atlas of Impossible Longing and The Folded Earth figured in year-end book lists, in newspapers as well as blogs. The Washington Post had An Atlas of Impossible Longing at number two in their Best Books of 2011, saying "In this sprawling epic set in 20th-century India, a single act of pity rattles down generations to break a caste’s rules, test a family’s mettle and throw together two unlikely childhood friends who will negotiate every circuit of human love"; it was also in the books of the year list of The Seattle Times ("In this richly imagined debut novel about three generations of a Bengali family set in early 20th-century India, we come to understand what it means to have a home and family and also to lose them and become fully free") and Huffington Post's Red Carpet Season for Books list. The Folded Earth was in  The Business Standard 's The Year in Books by columnist Nilanjana S. Roy: "One of the quieter and lovelier surprise


In the INDIAN EXPRESS, 1 January 2012 He didn’t have enough time with his children, Johnny Depp complained in an interview, he was always at work. So why not make fewer movies? At this Depp’s eyes took on an ever so subtle manic gleam. He explained that if he did — if he did slow down — he felt himself starting to go “y’know —  sideways .” The eyes gleamed more, you sensed that there was no telling what Depp would do if he went sideways, perhaps right then, in the studio. 2011 was meant to be my year of liberation. I had finished a second novel, I would no longer need to think about it, it was publication year. Some writers gripe that their book promotions take months, eating into the time for their next book. They have to travel too much; drink too much; sleep too little; do book tours, signings, and suchlike. Sounds hellish. Luckily for me, I was going nowhere. I was just going to sit on my hilltop watching the woodpecker tap the deodar. Doing nothing. Going gently sideways.