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A poem for the new year and some books to read

The year is in its last week and most of the annual Best Books lists are out. Sleeping on Jupiter is in several of them and in great company. THE NATIONAL, UAE: Top Ten International Titles of the Year "Not one of the easiest reads of the year, but it certainly felt like one of the most-important. The Indian novelist lifted the lid on the hypocrisies of her country against a backdrop of abuse, brutality and painful memories as a 25-year-old film-maker’s assistant returned to the temple town of Jarmuli to confront the demons of her past. Only a courageous and talented novelist is able to coalesce such weighty, unsettling and yet topical issues into a compulsively readable book" arts-life/books/the-top-10- books-that-flew-off-the- shelves-in-2015---in-pictures# 8 THE ASIAN WRITER, UK "This is not a book I highlight because it shares the entertaining qualities of my previous choices, but because it signals a departure from the ster