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The Times Literary Supplement, October 30, 2015

The Train to Jarmuli Kate Webb " Roy does not adjudicate between these positions. She holds her story in a fine balance, scrupulously turning from one perspective to another in order to show the often yawning gap between how we imagine ourselves and how others see us...  Roy writes in a lucid, realist manner, contrasting her restraint with the violence of her subject (the colour red is everywhere, page after page has images of blood). But this not a conventional novel, because it is to freighted with ambiguity and impotence." The theme of child abuse is becoming ever more prevalent in fiction. In the recently Man Booker-shortlisted A Little Life , Hanya Yanagihara explores the subject as the ultimate experience of pain, and therefore the ultimate marker of uniqueness, among a group of contemporary New Yorkers much preoccupied with their individualism. In Sleeping on Jupiter , Anuradha Roy frames her story of a young girl’s abuse as part of a broader malaise in