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I wrote a book review after ages, but then this was a special kind of book. The review is just out in Biblio , and will be up soon at .   THE BOOK OF DOG is edited by Hemali Sodhi is a beautiful hardback of 311 pages and is priced Rs 699. It is published by HarperCollins India. ___  “Dogs read the world through their noses and write their history in urine”, wrote J. R. Ackerley, and in The Book of Dog , Simba, Rufus, Laika, Pali, Buggy, Siddhi, and dozens of others gambol en pack , reading the world, writing their histories, leaving a trail of pawmarks in your mind. It is as if, all of a sudden, the room is joyously crowded with a wagging, panting, licking, drooling, nipping bunch. As they flop down in various corners having tousled the cushions, raided the bin, showered everything with fur, and spread anarchy, their people beam adoringly. And then start telling stories of their lives together, in which it is clear that the dog, by virtue of being dog, has ensl