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Hideaway in the Hills

Share on email Share on print Share on facebook Share on twitter More Sharing Services Ranikhet's own traditions and its unique culturehave trumped the charmsof Durga Puja, says Anuradha Roy ( The Telegraph, Sunday 28 September 2014 ) Anuradha Roy Late one October evening, a man in a gilt crown, lush false moustaches and polyester dhoti dashed out from Munir Bux Steam Press and Drycleaners, loped across the road and leaped over the parapet into the space below. His only witness at that hour ought to have been a leopard wandering in search of rashly adventurous dogs. Today was different. Argumentative Indians abounded: Look, there's Manoj. Not Manoj, can't you see him, he's still at his shop. No, that's Nandu Dhobi. He's Lakshman this year. Nandu? That three-foot midget as Lakshman? It's someone else. Below the parapet was an arrangement of tables held together as a stage with ropes and prayers. It had a glea