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By the Missisippi river in Minneapolis Loud-voiced Woman:  "This is a purebred dog, Ah paid 2,500 dollars for that dog." Mumbling Man:  "I'd -a given ya a baby. I'd-a given ya a baby ." Loud-voiced Woman:  "Fuck you, Doug, I don' want  yer baby. I wanted Jim's baby." Wall, Chicago Public Library photo by anuradha roy Gangsta Hip hop dog, SF "I'm just living the life, trying to make it on my own" photo by anuradha roy Ray Ban dogs, San Francisco. photo by anuradha roy About to board. Minneapolis airport. photo by anuradha roy Wayside man, Chicago:  "You want to know where Trump Towers is? You don't want to go there. It's an evil place." Taxi Driver, Chicago:  "You going to Trump Towers? I'll take you. Though you shouldn't go there. But what difference does it make? Hillary. Trump. None of them gonna do nuthin." Dustbi