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All the Lives We Never Lived in Chinese

Rights to the Chinese translation of All the Lives We Never Lived have been acquired by Horizon, one of the most prestigious literary publishers in China. They publish an exceptional list of authors, including Khaled Hosseini, Hermann Hesse, Orhan Pamuk, John Williams, Roberto BolaƱo, Sara Gruen, and Sarah Waters. Not many Indian novels are translated into Chinese and it is even more unusual at a time when things are not too warm and loving on the Indo-Chinese border. It's good to see publishers refusing to let a few border disputes get in the way of their need to bring out what they value.         The book has so far been translated into German (Luchterhand/Random House), French (Actes Sud), Romanian (Humanitas), and Russian (Azbooka Atticus). Other than UK (Maclehose Press) and India (Hachette India), other editions of the book have been published in the US (Atria/ Simon&Schuster), Sri Lanka (Perera Hussein), Large Print (Thorndike), Audiobook (Atria).