Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Goodreads.com is giving away 5 copies of An Atlas of Impossible Longing. Introducing the book, it says, "In the tradition of Henning Mankell, Per Petterson, and Stieg Larsson, Roy is a major foreign success just waiting to storm the American literary scene. This is the novel that will usher her entrance, portraying several generations of family life in India with the sort of warmth, tension, and lavish detail that bestsellers are made of." Here's the link to the contest.

The New Yorker reviewed the book in its brief notes this week, saying:
“Houses serve as powerful metaphors of refuge and claustrophobia, and the novel chronicles both the strength of domestic bonds and the wounds that parents and children, husbands and wives, inflict on each other.”
And here too by coincidence Henning Mankell's new book is reviewed just above mine, which pleases me no end because I am a huge fan of Mankell's crime fiction.

For those who can get past the New Yorker paywall for the complete review, the link to it is here.

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