Monday, 21 March 2011

The first weekend's reviews and news

Lots of "real" readers writing in to the author about The Folded Earth, which is always the best part. One reader wrote: "Just finished both your books back to back. They have left me with a tingling feeling. A very special chord was struck and somewhere along both the writings I drew parallels with my life and that I think put words into a lot of my feelings and actions. " 

Bill Aitken, writer and Himalayan wanderer wrote to say, "I find your writing superlative. I particularly respond to the moving depiction of the hill characters, especially your tender treatment of the village women... I suspect this book will end up alongside Corbett's as a Kumauni classic."

Some reviews too. Mint Lounge here. And India Today here. The book's in its second week in the bestseller list. Let's see how long it survives there.

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  1. "On almost every page, there are descriptions of the area’s seasons, wildlife, views, habitations, history, customs, architecture and more." If that's ALL the reviewer is capable of feeling about the beautiful atmosphere of The Folded Earth, there's no point reading the rest of the review, really...